About us

Magnus O’Grady

Magnus first took to the water right here in the Bay Of Islands. Sailing was and is a family tradition. He grew up cruising in NZ and overseas : the South Pacific, Canada, South America and the Antarctic to name a few places. From 2006 until 2009 he studied Outdoor Recreation at Christchurch Polytechnic and here he developed a passion for kayaking, both white water and on the sea. Towards the end of 2009 he started working aboard a 70ft Antarctic charter yacht and here he spent the next 8 years working aboard as both crew and skipper on numerous Antarctic expeditions supporting film, science and tourism projects.
In his winters away from the Antarctic Magnus continued to sail his family yacht completing ambitious voyages in the South Pacific, the Solomon Islands and Northern Australia.
 A desire to settle a little and have a paddle back in his hands after years of being on yachts has led him and his partner Anais back to the Bay Of Islands after they found that long time family friend Mark Hutson had a desire to retire and was looking to sell his business, New Zealand Sea Kayak Adventures.

Anais Puissant

Anais, Originally from Paris, France, always had a desire to travel and to escape the big city life. She set off to Australia after completing studies in Tourism and Marketing. On a three week holiday to NZ she met Magnus literally on the side of the road and the two joined paths and have traveled and worked together literally ever since. Magnus joined her directly so they could spend the next months exploring North and Western Australia by road. After this she joined him as crew to work aboard the charter vessel in the Antarctic and to sail his family yacht with him on their own more personal ventures. She has developed a great passion for NZ and it’s incredible flora and fauna and is always happy to now be able to talk of NZ has home.
Mark Hutson
Mark Hutson, founder of NZ Sea Kayak Adventures, is one of New Zealand's most experienced guides and instructors, has been running guided sea kayak tours out of the Bay of Islands from 1986 until 2017 - becoming expert with gourmet meals and luxury kayak camping.
Having grown up in Hawaii, surfing and skin diving were among Mark's childhood activities, as well as surf life saving and sailing in his university years. Later on, alpine guiding and ski mountaineering in Washington State, commercial fishing in Alaska and designing and sewing mountaineering equipment in Seattle were other pursuits before "discovering" the magnificient Northeast coast of northern New Zealand and settling into the Bay of Islands.
During NZ's winters, Mark  likes to get away for his own extended recreation. Usually he heads to Hawaii for kayaking and adventure swimming, and the Pacific North West's mountains or to the South Island of NZ, in search of the snow. Free diving, surfing and adventure swimming (while towing camping gear) are activities he has been pursuing in recent years.
Recently, in 2010, Mark was inducted into the famous and madcap, California based Tsunami Rangers. He has enjoyed paddling in their company along the California and Washington coasts and has reciprocated with Rangers joining him on his New Zealand trips.
Sasha Joura has accompanied him on all of his Tsunami Ranger trips and has for several years worked as an assistant guide in New Zealand. (Her idea to wear the seaweed in the picture!)
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