Specialised Sea Kayaking Trips

Advanced Paddling Expedition

10 days - $2,000

Originally conceived as a Guide's Level Skills Course, this adventurous coastal voyage will travel along an area not paddled on our regular sea kayaking tours. Our energetic agenda will include kayak surfing and learning the safety techniques used when leading others through rock gardens and sea caves.  

We'll practice deep water re-entries in rough (but safe) conditions, and work on our bracing, sculling and rolling skills. The white water elements of ocean kayaking will be sought after, not avoided! Many of the paddling and safety skills the well rounded ocean kayaker needs expertise in, will be covered during this ten day experience.


3 Day Beach Cottage Based Trips

3 days - $800 (plus shared cost of beach cottage)

Leave the tents and camping gear behind....bring on the hot showers,  and ice cold beverages while lodging in oceanside accommodations. This kayak tour is a perfect combination of evening comfort with active days ocean kayaking.

Sea Kayaking Day Trips

(by reservation only--2 person minimum)

$150 per person....6-8 hours. Lunch included.

Depending on weather conditions and customer interests, we have a variety of trips to offer - from a gentle paddle in the Waikare Inlet and protected mangroves, to an ultimate day trip circumnavigating Moturoa Island and the columnar basalt formations of the Black Rocks (16 - 20 kms). We can also customise a trip either in the inner or outer Bay (additional transport costs may apply).