Advanced Paddling Expedition


10 days

NZD$2500 + some camping and hut fees

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Accomodation : Camping, hut

Level : Advanced


An expedition style journey encompassing the coasts both north and south of the Bay Of Islands. Come on this trip and learn advanced techniques for paddling on a remote coast. Practice surf landings, seek whitewater rock-garden adventures and learn to push your limits whilst staying safe. All the while experiencing Northlands stunning coastline.


Tour Summary


Originally conceived as a Guide's Level Skills Course, this adventurous coastal voyage will travel along an area not paddled on our regular sea kayaking tours. Our energetic agenda will include kayak surfing and learning the safety techniques used when leading others through rock gardens and sea caves.  

We'll practice deep-water re-entries in rough (but safe) conditions, and work on our bracing, sculling and rolling skills. The white water elements of ocean kayaking will be sought after, not avoided! Many of the paddling and safety skills the well rounded ocean kayaker needs expertise in will be covered during this ten day experience.

Too add to all this 10 days gives us the time to take in all the best bits of both the NE Outer Coast and the Bay Of islands! We only run one a season and it is without a doubt our guides favourite!!!



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