Bay of Islands
3 and 7 Day Kayak Tours

7 Day Trips - $1,400

This 100 square mile Maritime Scenic Reserve is renowned for its delightful array of islands, rugged peninsulas and idyllic beaches. Our six day kayak tour will take you around many of these islands and, depending on weather and sea conditons, out to the outer reaches of the Bay of Islands- either; Cape Wiwiki to the north or; Cape Brett to the east.
Features such as The Black Rocks (distinctive columnar basalt formations) and Cathedral Cave, on the same island as the famous Hole-in-the-Rock, are very special paddling experiences.
Historically, the Bay of Islands was a cradle for early Maori civilisation, as well as for the first European settlements of the early 1800's. Remote Maori pa sites (fortified village headlands), such as Rangihoua Pa abound throughout the BOI. The kayak is the perfect way to gain access to hike these panoramic archaeological sites.
Spectacular 360 degree views reveal the true beauty of the Bay of Islands! Myra's Cave and the many narrow passageways en route to either Cape Brett or Cape Wiwiki will add to our paddling adventure and provide many additional photo opportunities.

3 Day Trips - $800

On the 3 day kayak trips we explore a smaller area of the the Bay on either; the north side, along the Purerua Peninsula and out to Cape Wiwiki or; the east side, based from Urupukapuka Island. Islands and secluded beaches become more the focus for these trips with exploration of the many intricate "rock gardens" available for the more adventurous.

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Outer Northeast Coast

7 Day Trips - $1,400

Magnificent stretches of coastline both to the north and south of the Bay of Islands, provide a perfect setting for adventurous, scenery inspired ocean kayaking.
These coastal areas are characterised by long sandy beaches, nearby off shore
islands, towering sea cliffs and a variety of small coves, perfect for lunch time beachcombing and snorkelling. The numerous sea caves, archways and rock pinnacles along the way will enhance the paddling experience.

Highlights of these coastal trips may include:
  • Exploring the Cavalli Islands conservation reserve.
  • Visiting an historic whaling station (mid 1800's) in Whangamumu Harbour.
  • Introductory kayak surfing on the gentle sandy beaches of Mimiwhangata or Northern Takou Bay.
  • Whangaroa Harbour, with its unique rock formations and sea caves at its entrance.
Novice kayakers with a sense of adventure, good level of physical fitness and a desire to learn ocean "kayak seamanship" skills will find these trips very rewarding and at an appropriate level of challenge. Experienced paddlers will be able to further their kayaking skills in the many areas of expertise required for exposed coastal paddling.