Cliffs and Caves

5 days


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Accomodation : Camping, Hut (cottage on demand)

Level : Experienced


Towering cliffs, deep sea caves and challenging rock gardens, this trip is a paddlers' nirvana. Our guides represent between them a knowledge of many different paddling locations worldwide and this is where they want to be! Surf kayaking is on the menu as is delicious food! A range of accommodation is available for this trip.


Tour Summary


The most intrepid of our shorter journeys, Cliffs and Caves trip takes place along Northland NE coast. With long stretches of cliffs filled with tunnels, deep sea caves, narrow passages and long rock gardens, it can make for some exciting paddling. The outer coast is exposed to the ocean and paddling will often be in real ocean kayaking conditions. Swells washing up the rocks beside you and whooshing through the smaller passages keep things exciting. White sand beaches that break the rocky coastline can provide exciting opportunities to practice surfing a sea kayak and making landings in tricky conditions.

Along this coast we typical camp and make use of Department of Conservation Huts but if you want to experience the excitement of this area whilst living in style there are a number of great cottages that we can make use of by special request.


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