kayak skill training

Basic techniques, advance techniques, re-entry assist, self-rescue, roll and more...

Private and group training for sea kayaking

what sort of training do we provide?

Basic skills : Familiarize yourself with the kayaking bits and pieces and learn to maintain your equipment

Paddling skills : Learn or refine your forward stroke, sweep stroke, reverse stroke, reverse sweep, low and high brace

Maneuvering skills : Learn or refine your cross-bow jab, edge change, different draws (sculling…), bow/cross-bow and stern rudder

Launch and Land : Learn to make safe and “dry” launching and landing

Rescue skills : Learn to perform assist re-entry, self-rescue, roll, re-entry and roll, clamber on  back deck, paddle float, Eskimo rescue, towing, contact tow…

Surf and Surfing skills : Learn to surf and gain confidence in the surf

Rock gardening skills : Learn how to play safely around the rocks


Why choose us?

Highly Qualified Instructor : Our lead instructor is one of only 16 people in New Zealand to hold NZOA qualifications SEA KAYAK LEVEL 1 & 2

Experience with both novice and advance paddlers: We lead adventurous guided trips and expeditions as well as instructing sea kayaking skills

Available and flexible : We are available all year round and have the Bay of Islands as a playground where the weather and the water temperature are highly manageable all throughout the year. Matauri Bay, located 30km north of the Bay of Islands, would be our go to for surf training


Drop us a line if you are interested in some training!